June 7, 2017
Bulb. dearei 'Waterfield'
CCE 93
Exhibited by Jeff Tyler
  Measurements in cm.
 Ns  7.0  nsv  4.0
 Dsw  2.7  dsl  6.2
 Pw  1.1  pl  5.2
 Lsw  1.6  lsl  6.0
 Lipw  1.3  lipl  2.3
 # flwrs

 # buds

 # infl


 Description: Fifty-four flowers and 10 buds on 64 inflorescences, fully displayed in 360 degrees around an 80 cm plant grown in a 22 cm net basket grown in NZ sphagnum moss; flowers golden yellow; dorsal sepal faintly veined and speckled burnt orange on reverse; lateral sepals stippled maroon on reverse, bleeds through on the medial aspect; lip side lobes heavily overlaid maroon, midlobe overlaid maroon centrally; anther cap cream; substance hard; texture waxy.


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